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The Grape and Wine have magical effect on the face skin. Yet in ancient times the queens used masks and cream made of them.

In the Grape and Wine SPAs your face shall acquire beauty and freshness after the Grape and Wine Steam Bath, Grapeseed Peeling (cleaning), Grapeseed oil masks and massage.

1. Facial Steam Bath:  is made with the help of the Grape, Wine, Grape Leaves, Grape fresh squeeze and other natural substances, taking into consideration the skin type. The Facial Steam Bath shall widen the skin pores, improves the facial skin metabolism, the blood circulation, regulates the normal functioning of the adipose glands, contributes to the prompt removal of the died cells. It lasts for 15-20 minutes. And it is follows by the Grapeseed and Grape Squeeze Facial Peeling.

2. Grapeseed and Fresh Grape Squeeze Facial Cleaning with the gentle movements of fingers the Grapeseed Facial Cleaning is made. The Grapeseed removes the face died cells, black points. It cleans, whitens and imparts a special brilliance to the face. After 5-10 minutes of these procedure your skin shall have a healthy view. After that a mask is put on the face.

3. Mask:  since thousands of useful substances exist in the grape and wine, the mask made of them have tightening, extra shining removing, renewing, wrinkles removing, skin refreshing, colour opening, whitening, skin regenerative (reconstructive), tonus raising properties.

The facial skin becomes white, elastic, clean and young. The masks are made of grape, wine, as well as of numerous other natural substances, with special composition for each skin. For different types of skin different types of grape and wine are used.

The mask is put on the skin for 15-20 minutes, following which is cleaned with water and grape lotion. Thereafter a Grapgeseed Oil Facial Massage is made.

4. Grapgeseed Oil Facial Massage:  the Grapeseed oil, as well as the grape has multiple positive effect on the face. After 15-20 minutes of Edem pleasure your skin shall acquire an ideal view.

Enjoy the Grape and Wine SPA, transfer yourself to the antique world for several minutes and feel yourself a Goddess of Beauty.

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