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      1.Grape and Wine Bath for Legs-takes 20-30 minutes. The Legs Bath shall be performed with wine, grape, grape leaves, honey and other herbs in the hydromassage bath-tub.

It softens the hardened skin of the heels, removes the callosities, calms, takes the tiredness off, the muscular and nervous tension, reinforces the blood vessels walls, improves the blood circulation in the extremities.

      2.Grapeseed Cleaning of the Heels. The Grapeseed has a unique cleaning and softening effect. It cleans the  hardened callosities very well. The Peeling takes 10 minutes, after which the legs are massaged with the Greapeseed oil.

3. Grapeseed Massage of Legs -takes 15-20 minutes. It also has all useful properties, indicated above. The Greapeseed oil shall soften and calm the legs.

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