The Wine magic properties have been known to people since long time ago. The ancient Egyptians revealed the Wine treatment properties ages ago. Cleopatra spent half of her wealth for having the Red Wine baths.

Yet at the beginning of the previous century the active substances were discovered in the Grape Seed, which make harmless the dangerous and tumorous substances of the organism, remove the poisons and slags from the organism, increase immunity and protective functions of the skin, stop aging.

The Wine Bath facilitate the infiltration of the important substances through the skin. The wine hydrotherapy is indicated to men and women, young and old. It can ease the nervous and skin tension very well, reinforce the blood vessels, activate the blood circulation, normalize the organism metabolism, has anti-cellulite and losing-weight effect. It has favourable effect on cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urogenital, endocrine systems.

The Wine Bath shall feed, moisturize, softens and make your skin younger.

After taking the Wine Bath your organism shall be released from extra weight and slags. Your organism resistibility shall increase. The Wine Bath shall become more effective in hydromassage bath-tubs. With the purpose of different results we add honey, medicative herbs and other components.   The water temperature and the duration shall be also selected.

The cold bath shall increase the protective function, tonus of the organism. Helps in depressive condition and lose of appetite.

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