Spa with armenian wine and grapes!The first and unique spa center in Yereva, Armenia.

The grape and wine SPA shall give you an opportunity to feel the magic strength of the Ararat valley sweet grape.  After you sink into the wine made of these fruit, you will feel the magic properties of the Armenian drink, feel hale and hearty, strong and young.

The wine bathing, steaming, skin peeling with the grape seeds and fresh blend, the massage with the grape oil and too many procedures shall take you to another world of Edem. You will taste the grape honey juice and wine made of it, which is a Divine drink (for free).

The first tree planted by Noah was the grape tree. The grape is the God’s gift to the people. The Grape is, not by chance, deemed the symbol of the chosen people, and the Wine symbolizes blood and life. Its unique composition is known to the people over 7000 years. Numerous popular scientists, as well as Hippocrates, insisted that it has little difference in composition with the breast milk.  That is to say it contains all the substances, necessary for the vital activity of the organism: Water, Sugars, Organic Acids, Carbons, Proteins, Mineral Substances, Nitrogen Substances, Vr, Zn, Ca, Ferric Salts, Tanning Agents, Dyes, Cellulose, Starch, Pectines, Vitamins (C,A,E,B,B2,B5,B6,B9,P,PP), Anticancer Substances.

The God granted the Grape to the people to leave healthy, to exist and lead the life, and We grant you the opportunity to feel the divine taste and strength of the Grape and the Wine with the help of Wine and Grapes SPA. занять денег до зарплаты банк деньги до зарплаты деньги в долг онлайн срочно на карту карту банковскую на займы денежные онлайн